Top 5 Reasons to Budget for Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most cost effective and wide reaching forms of advertising today. This form of online marketing reaches huge markets while providing the ability to zone in on very specific targets. Promoting websites and products through SEM can be done very inexpensively relative to other forms of direct marketing such as TV and print. With more than 90% people using the internet to search, and over 70% online shopping, it is more imperative than ever to budget for SEM. Below are the top 5 reasons:

Consumers Shop Online

With the progression and improved security in e-commerce, consumers are exponentially buying online (approximately ¾ of internet users buy online). The expediency, copiousness of options, and plethora of information (particularly product reviews) available online, make it incredibly easy for consumers to buy directly online.

Drive Traffic to your Website

Search Engines are the most widely used source for website traffic with more than 80% of traffic coming from engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. No matter what device- mobile device, tablet, or computer, consumers use search engines to find information about companies, products, and reviews. Search engines have become the top resource for consumer questions or impulses.

Increases the Bottom Line

Return On Investment – The granularity of information available in this form of marketing allows specialists to optimize and individually manage campaigns, improving ROI. Search Engine Marketing provides control and efficiency unlike any other marketing tactic.

Cost Effective Direct Marketing – SEM offers an array of broad to very specific options for targeting. This makes for extremely cost effective marketing with minimal waste.

Pay-Per-Click – The best part of Paid Search is the ability to structure campaigns to only pay for clicks on your ads. Along with efficiency, this confirms each dollar you spend is targeted to the point of interested consumers willing to click. Providing additional branding value for free, this is a key benefit. Those who see your ad (impressions) but don’t click are still aware of your brand and may help prompt them at a later date to remember your name.

The ability to measure the results is an extremely beneficial aspect of any form on online marketing. General marketing metrics relate including reach (impressions), engagement (clicks, time spend on page, etc.), share of voice, and return on investment. The immense amount of data accessible in search campaigns makes it possible to set up key metrics to gauge the success of every campaign from month to month, or any other time frame required.


Consumers today use the internet for just about everything, from shopping to financial services. Without a presence, consumers will become discouraged, skeptical, or completely unaware of your brand. In order to remain above the competition and in consumers’ minds, it is important to budget for paid search campaigns.

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