Principles of Facebook Direct Marketing

In today’s world there are several affective ways to market and advertise anything you desire online. Google has reinvented the internet and what it is today, but let’s not forget about the other ways of driving traffic to your site. When advertising to anyone on the internet, the easiest way to have your site seen by the most people is by advertising it on a search engine or network that has the most amount of traffic. Obviously, today that is Google followed by Yahoo, then MSN.

Those are only search engines. Social networks such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook have blown up into a social monster that no one has every witnessed in the past decade. Although MySpace is still very active with just over 70 million users, Facebook has taken the cake with nearly 400 million people worldwide and growing! How would you like to advertise you site or product to that many people and be able to choose the type of people to advertise to? Well you can do just that with Facebook Paper Click Marketing.

Facebook offers paid advertisements on their network. The coolest thing about Facebook marketing is that you choose the people you want to market to. You’re able to choose the ages of people that your ad will be seen by. You can also select the area of interest that matches other people’s so only those will be able to view your site. Not only is this important, but it is also cost affective. With Facebook advertising you can market to only those who you think will be best qualified for your special offer.

Here are some quick and easy principles when it comes to using Facebook to market your product. Facebook ads should always consist of shiny objects. Since Facebook allows you to place a picture in your ad, it is imperative that you use a picture that catches the eyes of your customers. Unlike Google, Facebook ads will not show the URL your ad is linked to. Facebook will also show your ad at random.

Some of the best ad examples should tell a story, ask a question, and or even promise some amazing benefit. What’s even better, Facebook actually lowers your cost per click drastically if your ad has a high click through rate! The more popular your ad, the cheaper it will cost to run it. Get your business on steroids today by creating a Facebook ad that will appear in the eyes of potentially hundreds of millions!

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