Direct Mail – How To Get Your Envelopes Open

Have you used direct mail recently for your online business? If not, then you will want to try it out and implement it in your business. It’s something that can be incredibly profitable for you, and can boost your backend sales by 30%. All of this can be done by sending out a simple letter or postcard in the mail.But sometimes, it’s not enough to just send out a letter or a postcard. In some niches online, you have to get more creative about your direct mail. If you’re in a business-to-business niche, this will apply to you. Let’s get into the first creative thing that you will want to do when doing direct mail in your online business:1) Write out your address and recipient’s addressThat’s right. No labels. Just a handwritten envelope in blue or black ink. This immediately gives the impression of familiarity. People will think that the envelope and letter is personal, and will rush to open it. And hopefully when they open it, you don’t scare them off with an ugly sales pitch.The good news is that when they do open it, they will see that it’s from you, and if you’ve been doing your email marketing correctly, they will continue to read your letter and possibly take action on buying something. But if you haven’t started a relationship with them via your email newsletter, they may just as well throw your letter in the trash. So it’s important that you do both. Here’s another tip:2) Put “First Class Mail” on the envelopeMake it easy for your mailman. Everyday they sort through the junk mail and real, authentic, and personal (and important) letters. So if you put the words “first class mail” on your envelope, it will subconsciously tell them that this is something important… especially if it has a real-live stamp. Which leads me to my last point:3) Use a real stamp on the envelopeDon’t send out a letter to your customers with an ugly label on it. Go down to the post offer, and ask them to purchase 100 stamps. This will probably cost around $50 (or something like that… I don’t know how much a stamp costs these days). And once you get all of these stamps, put a stamp on your postcard or envelope, insert your letter, seal it, and then drop it off at the post office.This is a high probability that your letter will get delivered. The mailman will see that the envelope is hand addressed, and that there’s a real live stamp on the envelope – so it must be important. This is one of the mail that they keep for successful delivery. Sounds like a lot huh? Lol well, that’s just what it is, and that’s the nature of things. But if you want to make a huge impact, this is what you have to do.These tips for using direct mail to contact and earn more money from your backend customers are highly effective. Even though you are based online, you can still use these tips to earn additional profits – at a very low cost. So consider it today.Good luck with using direct mail in your internet business today.

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