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Top Network Marketing Companies and How to Choose One

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With the market flooded with all sorts of opportunities, how do you choose a top network marketing company? I have to admit, there are some silly businesses out there. I have always been ambitiously lazy. Meaning, I did not want to have to peddle my goods to friends and family or throw home parties and go to expos to sells stuff. People who don’t know better do these things.

There are really two kinds of Network Marketing businesses out there. There is MLM and then there is Top Tier Direct Sales. Everything else is for the birds. MLM is a great way to make money, however few make it to any real type of income. Why is this? Because the market is flooded with lotions, potions and pills and the game has changed. The big dogs today, were the big dogs of yesterday and with the internet, they have not learned attraction marketing. So they only teach their new eager down lines, the same tactics they used to build their business years ago. It doesn’t work in today’s day and time and if it does, it takes so much work, the average Joe isn’t willing to sell out to it.

If you don’t learn Social Media Marketing, Google PPC and Web 2.0, you are going to get smoked in your business. The Internet allows you to put yourself in front of billions of people. Much broader that the amount of people you can fit in your living room or that you will meet your local mall. You need to learn how to market rather than sell. You are selling You Inc. not your product.

The Top Network Marketing Companies are Top Tier Direct Sales Companies. These are companies with only 3 or 4 high end product tiers. The Company offers huge upfront cash for sales and huge back end residuals.

I would rather help 10 people make $10K per month and make $17K per month in residuals than have to recruit thousands into my downline to make half of that. That’s a no Brainer.
Top Tier Direct Sales is by far the crème de la crème of Network Marketing companies and I have experienced both ends of the spectrum.

Live Your Dream,
Josh Boxer

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Outsourced Marketing for Lawyers – Efficiencies Worth Exploring

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As economic uncertainty continues to cast a cloud and the threat of new competition from alternative business structures looms large, how might you achieve marketing efficiencies?

Note the reference to achieving efficiencies, rather than cost-savings. It is easy to achieve cost savings in marketing and many firms have done that by drastically reducing or stopping spending in recent times.

However doing no marketing carries its own risks as it creates an opportunity for your competitors to move ahead of you.

One way of improving efficiency is to consider outsourcing the marketing function. This is not just an option for large firms – in fact it offers many opportunities for smaller firms too, particularly during a period of growth.

Outsourcing is sometimes associated with the loss of or transfer of jobs to an external provider. However, in our experience there are a number of circumstances where outsourcing provides an ideal solution, without the loss of any jobs. For example:

a) The start-up, which needs a limited amount of support in the early stages.
b) The growing firm, which wishes to test-drive a dedicated marketing function without taking on the headache of employment responsibilities.
c) The firm with some low-level in-house marketing support that wishes to step up a gear, without the expense of a senior appointment.
d) The overseas firm, which needs on the ground support to deliver strategy and campaigns delivered by their home marketing team.
e) The regional marketing firm that finds it difficult to attract or retain marketing staff of sufficient calibre and is fed up of paying recruitment fees.

So, let us consider the advantages.

Clear direction

For your outsourced provider to be able to deliver on your marketing objectives, these will need to be well thought through, agreed and communicated.

Sometimes this can be done beforehand and provided to potential providers as part of the selection process. Alternatively, setting your strategy and developing your marketing plan might be the first objective for your chosen provider. Either way, one outcome of the process is a clear sense of direction.

Focus the mind

Have you noticed how a meeting with an external supplier can be treated more seriously than an internal meeting – particularly one, where the supplier is charging by the hour? In my experience, marketing decisions are more likely to be made and actions are more likely to be completed before the next meeting.

Internal marketing meetings rarely seem to have the same focus and there is the frequent excuse of being too busy with clients when actions are not progressed.

Making the financial commitment to engage an external provider to push forward your marketing also requires a commitment of time and energy from the management team to make things happen.

Focus on core competencies

With non-billable hours as a scarce commodity, they need to be spent wisely for maximum impact and focused on client-facing, relationship-building activities which will directly generate profitable new business.

Outsourcing any non-core business support activities to a specialist provider will free your business to focus on its core activity of providing legal advice. What is the opportunity cost of time spent by fee-earners on marketing activities that could be outsourced at a fraction of their charge out rate?

Access to expertise in depth

One of the challenges of appointing an in-house marketing manager is that of finding the right person with the appropriate mix of skills.

We often come across firms where the client database is a shambles as the secretarial team claim it is not their responsibility and the marketing manager appears to think that this sort of administrative task is beneath them. Only the very largest firms can justify employing someone to manage the client data.

Similarly, we see secretaries who have been promoted to a marketing position on the basis of good organisational skills when managing events. However, when it comes to drafting a press release, handling the media, drafting or proofing articles for the web site then different attributes are required. Client satisfaction research or a major tendering exercise fall back into the lap of the partners.

Successful marketing requires a wide range of competencies and small firms need someone who can put together a marketing strategy at the beginning of the year and is happy to execute it as the year goes on. One day they may need to draft an important tender, the next they may need to print the delegate badges for an event. We often joke that outsourcing covers everything from strategy to stuffing envelopes.

Continuity of service

Many law firms suffer from fairly frequent turnover of marketing staff. Few people decide on a career in marketing with the legal profession in mind and even fewer find it provides the career path that they desire and do not stay long.

Frequent staff turnover can result in lack of continuity for projects. Advertising, recruiting and inducting a new marketing executive is in itself a significant drain on resources which might be directed elsewhere.

Outsourcing your marketing function makes this someone else’s problem.

Access to efficient systems

Marketing (legal services) should be the core competence of your chosen provider and consequently they will have developed their own systems and procedures to ensure that each task is undertaken as efficiently as possible.

Just as you have templates and precedents for certain contracts, we have templates for marketing plans, budgets, sales pipelines, event management plans, tenders, directory entries etc. We have quality control processes for press releases, publications and web content. We have systems for updating databases, client satisfaction reviews and event follow up.

There is no need to re-invent the wheel, when you can buy into a tried and tested system.

We also keep up to date with developments in marketing tools and software, such as content management systems of web sites, cloud CRM systems and email marketing. Buying in external expertise means that you do not have to worry about selecting the right software as it will come as part of the service. Nor will you need to worry about supporting that technology.

Performance management

If you are having problems with your provider, possibly due to dissatisfaction with your account manager or failure to meet certain targets, then it is important to give them an opportunity to improve the service (just as you would wish a client would afford you a second chance).

Depending on the size of the provider, then it may be relatively straight forward for them to change the team looking after you and solve the problem.

Compare this to having to manage the poor performance of an employed marketing manager.

Ease of exit

If you do find that you wish to discontinue the arrangement, then there should be a clear and straightforward notice period set out in your contract. It is likely to be much simpler than terminating the employment of marketing staff.

Making it work

One issue that often crops up when discussing outsourcing is that of location and the disadvantage of staff being based off-site. Any large firm with multiple offices is unlikely to have a marketing person in each office and they function with a matrix of responsibilities.

Of course there are advantages to having someone working in the same office, however pro-active marketers have to make time for marketing anyway and the right attitude of mind means that location is not really an obstacle.

Worth exploring

For any firm wondering how to resource additional business development activities, the option of outsourcing is certainly worth exploring. It can provide you with an efficient and experienced marketing resource at a predictable, usually fixed, cost without any of the headaches of employment.

It may be that over time, an employee is the best option, but in the mean time outsourcing might be the ideal solution to help you take your marketing and business development activities up a gear.

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How Insurance Direct Mail Annihilates Emailing

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Normally direct mail and bulk mail E-mail compete favorably with similar cost outlay. The purpose of this article is to evaluate which is the superior means of media. Is it sending out insurance direct mail? If not can it produce better final figures through Emailing insurance producers. Using industry figures provides a clear winner.

HOW MUCH INSURANCE EMAILING GETS READ? Highly accurate tracking examines the wide percentage differences between industries. 40% of emails sent by non-profit organizations, manufacturing, government, religion and art get opened here. The readership slips 1/4th to 30% for education, health issues, retail enterprises, and photography. Now check this out. Here is where emails being read slips to a dismal rate of only 20% for e-commerce, publishing, media advertising, technology, and INSURANCE.

HOW INSURANCE MAIL GETS OPENED & READ For an oversized postcard, or a letter in an envelope, these two formats perform the best. If the list is not highly selective, and the message is average, the rate will be 14%. Using a professionally quality targeted insurance direct mail list jumps the figures. Also a better letter covering all the key areas factors into this. Now you have a readership percentage between 20% to 25%.

ADJUSTING THE FIGURES. Using insurance email lists are very risky. You never see the list of who is being mailed. It does you no good if an Allstate agent, or licensed home office person receives your email. Their curiosity got them to partially read your message. Therefore, the actual figure would be lowered to at least 15%. Now this figure also assumes all the people receiving the message are 100% insurance agents. Something we have Never seen in a list promoted on the internet, with a guarantee.

NICHE MARKET Annuity, health, and life products sold by agents currently are an overlooked internet niche market. Agents are only interested in selling additional products when it directly benefits them financially. However, only 20% of insurance marketers and recruiters have a personal website. Of these only half, have their site designed solely for the purpose of attracting new agents. This creates a frustrating situation for an agent seeking a product provided by a qualified marketer.

Therefore, the internet as a viable source can be eliminated. This leaves insurance direct mail and insurance agent emailing as the top contenders. Emailing projects reach 14 to 15% of your list being read by some kind of agent. Utilizing direct mail increases the readability to 20 to 25% when using a quality agent list.

COMPARE THE LEAD TO COST FACTOR With all expenses combined it averages costing $35.00 to produce a targeted insurance agent lead. In turn, applying similar comparisons to the emailed agents, shows a $45.00 each cost figure for an email insurance agent lead.

EXAMINE THE CONTRACTING RATIO With any style email agent leads, a good contract ratio of 1/3 means you have excellent recruiting skills. Using pre-qualified agent leads from your insurance direct mail show bump up the results. Comparatively it should be 50%. Doing the math on 24 leads, emailing costs $835.00 This same quantity of 24 leads equates to $840.00 on direct mail. Know that it is the agent contracts that ready count. You should receive 8 contracted producers with email. For direct mail that zooms to 12 agents.

Increasing your results by 33% or reducing your money outlay by 33% is great news to successful agent recruiters. When results increase by 1/3, so does your income. Don’t you deserve a raise?

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Sell More Food – 4 “Must Read” Restaurant Direct Mail Tips

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Direct mail is king when promoting your restaurant’s takeout and delivery services. Decade after decade direct mail outperforms every other restaurant advertising vehicle, even in the digital age where websites and smart phones are all the rage. Why? Because consumers love receiving takeout menus, coupons, and special offers in print.

An overwhelming percentage of consumer mail is read and sorted the day it is received, generating massive penetration that digital media struggles to produce. More importantly, most people need to eat three times per day and all you have to do is provide them with a reason to call or click with their orders.

It’s often tough to generate sales for your restaurant business. There are dozens of competitors and distractions for your potential customers to get overloaded with. The only way to stand out is to deliver your menus and coupons directly into the hands of customers – without other advertisers.Coupon envelopes and shared mail are great, and cheap, but your ad will be in the mix with up to two dozen competing restaurants – sales will suffer as a result. You simply will not keep customers focused on your coupons when they have handfuls of other coupons to look at.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on direct mail marketing, know the effective tips and strategies that make it worth your time and money. Turn any low-performing campaign into a success with ease.

Here are 4 “Must Read” Tips for Direct Mail:

PLAN AHEAD. Don’t just think about the design of your direct mail menus and postcards, think about your target audience. You can not design an effective direct mail campaign until you know exactly who your audience is and what they want.

DESIGN FOR SALES. After you select your audience (preferably a one to five mile radius around your store), work on the design. Show amazing photos of your food, easy ordering options (such as call or order online), and highly aggressive coupons. Focus on value and provide customers with a reason to call right now. Otherwise, you could waste your marketing funds.

PRINT IN COLOR. Use a nice full-color, glossy printing process when it comes to selling food. Does a black and white pizza sound appealing? No way! Perhaps more so than any other industry, food is extremely visual and customers want to see appetizing and appealing photos. If you need inspiration, try searching for restaurant menu printing and restaurant menu designs. It is always a good idea to see what similar types of businesses are using to generate new business.

MAIL EFFICIENTLY. Most restaurants should plan to mail 5,000 or 10,000 pieces at a time to take advantage of bulk printing and mailing rates. If you are a much smaller operation, consider mailing 1,000 per week for several months. Always consider “the amount of calls you can handle” before mailing everything, you must be able to provide great service.

Follow these proven marketing tips and your restaurant will sell food like crazy. It’s not hard to do, but you must make a “science” out of the process to get major results. These tips will set you up for big things, and bigger sales!

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Rejection Free Marketing Combined With Direct Sales

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Rejection-Free Marketing can be an EXTREMELY powerful way to create streams of Passive Income! Especially when you combine Rejection-Free Marketing with DIRECT SALES.

Direct Selling is defined as the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location.

Now, before you tuck tail and run the other direction thinking I am suggesting you sell door to door or start telemarketing, consider the following:

What if you could get paid commissions on direct sales without ever having to speak to your prospects, or even see them, and without ever hearing “NO?”

Most people are not interested in getting up in front of a room to deliver a sales presentation or having to pester people by overcoming their objections in an attempt to hard-sell them.

The great news is that with Rejection-Free Marketing, you will never have to do that!

Rejection-Free Marketing means that your system (not you personally) will only solicit those that are interested/looking for an opportunity. When done correctly, people come looking for you to make purchases. You only deal with interested prospects.

There are 3 proven methods of initiating Rejection-Free Marketing:

1-Classified Ads
2-Direct Mail
3-Internet Marketing

Here is the basic idea behind Rejection-Free Marketing:

1. Some method of attracting prospects is initiated

2. Prospect is directed to gather information

3. Prospect will request additional information if interested

4. Prospect receives additional information as requested

5. Prospect makes a purchase and funds are sent to you

You never have to personally sell or convince your prospects of anything! They are either interested or not. The only time you might communicate with them is if they are ready to make a purchase but just have a few questions before finalizing the purchase. If this happens, you will just simply answer questions from an interested prospect.

Even people that hate and fear the idea of having to sell something are open to answering a few simple questions from interested prospects (Especially knowing that the questions could be directed to the prospect by way of email or other forms of written correspondence).

I encourage you to study up on how you can implement Rejection-Free Marketing as you work to build your income. You can receive a FREE report on how to create Passive Income with Rejection-Free Marketing by visiting my website shown below.

Good luck!

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